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Exoskeleton Turns Humans Into Terminators.

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An experimental robotic exoskeleton turns grunts into super-soldiers.

Sarcos Research Corporation

The Sarcos exoskeleton being developed for DARPA utilizes a number of technological innovations, including.

  • A combustion-based driver to support advanced hydraulic actuators that produce robotic limb movements with very high strength, speed, bandwidth, and efficiency; and,
  • A control system that allows the operator to move naturally, unencumbered and without additional fatigue, while the exoskeleton carries the payload.

Application-specific packages can be attached to the exoskeleton. These packages could include mission-specific supplies, protective outer coverings capable of operation in extreme threat and weather conditions, various electronic systems, weapons, or supplies and instrumentation for medical support and surveillance. The exoskeleton could also be used to move material in places inaccessible to vehicles, on board ships, and where forklifts are not available.

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