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6 Unique Web Communities That You Won’t Forget

You may be well familiar with biggies like Youtube, Digg, Wikipedia, and StumbleUpon. They are all big and 100% user-powered websites. However, what about the smaller ones, focused on a single aspect and still able to attract a huge user base. So here you go, six really cool and fast growing communy-powered websites that you should definitely see.

1. Instructables – Extremely useful, entertaining and rather addictive online community where people share what they do and how they do it. Here you can find hundreds of excellent home-made DIY (Do It Yourself) guides detailing how to turn some of the garage junk into cool stuf, like invisible book shelf, hairspray-powered potato cannon or even making a wallet (from an old keyboard). See pic below.


Read more: Instructables – The Web’s Biggest Show & Tell.

2. Scribd – The best way to define Scribd would be to call it a Youtube for documents. It is an online document library where users can search, browse, rate, upload, and share all kind of documents: jokes, facts, stories, document templates, presentations, and even amazon bestsellers.

Scribd - Online Document Sharing Community

Read more: Scribd – Document Sharing Community

3. UrbanDictionary – UrbanDictionary is basically a community-powered dictionary for slangs and all kinds of sayings and jargons that you won’t find in traditional dictionaries. Basically anything people use in daily talk.

  • Dude: A word that americans use to address each other. Particularly stoners, surfers and skaters.
  • Geek: The people you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult.

Read more: UrbanDictionary – Define Your World.

4. eHow / wikiHow – HowTo manuals for the everyday life. Lots of useful stuff here, everything from computer fixes and tips to personal finance and health tips. You will also find some not so usual but still essential tips, like how to take a punch or ungoogle yourself. In case the stuff you’re looking for isn’t there and you’re too lazy to digg for it on the web than ask it on Yahoo Answers.:-)

5. Sidereel – The aim of Sidereel is to create an ultimate directory for Movies and TV shows. Here you can submit or edit episode reviews, follow-up on favorite TV shows release dates, get links to watch episodes online (both free and paid), get personalized ‘to watch’ recommendations and more.


6. 43things – Active web community where people can set, track, discuss and share their goals. It can be something as simple as ‘watch all Simpson episodes’ or more serious stuff like ‘pay off my credit card debts’ and ‘climb mount Everest’. It’s also a place to discover like-minded people and learn from the experience of others on how to achieve your goals.


2 Responses to “6 Unique Web Communities That You Won’t Forget”

  1. right on – this is like a treasure hunt! I’ve been creating a list of Web 2.0 Sites and I just found another one to include in the Personal category – 43Things might just be the place for me to share some goals where I might keep getting encouragement – even if I’m a little slower that my estimates might project… lol – Thanks for sharing.

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